Are you ready to invest in your home? If so, few things add more value to a home than installing hardwood flooring. When maintained properly, this type of flooring can last for a lifetime. 

While hardwood flooring will look great for years, you will have to refinish it at some point. If you are like most homeowners, you may not know when it is time to invest in this service. There’s good news – the floor will let you know when it is time. Keep reading to learn the top signs that it is time to refinish your hardwood flooring. 

When you are ready to make a move, be sure to call professionals to handle the job. 

Excessive Scratches

If there are a lot of scratches on your hardwood flooring, it’s an obvious sign that your floors need to be refinished. This is especially the case if the scratches make it through the stain that was applied to the flooring. Some scratching is normal and expected; however, if scratches become excessive and there are so many you can’t hide them with an area rug, it’s probably time to invest in refinishing. Usually, scratching on hardwood flooring is topical, which means a little sanding will remove them. 


Has your flooring turned gray, black, or just faded from its original luster? If your floors appear gray, it means that the polyurethane or the chemical used to protect the wood from water damage has begun to wear off. This also means that your flooring has started to absorb water and moisture. 

After your flooring turns black, there’s no way to repair them. At this point, the only option is to remove the boards and replace them. 

However, if your wood flooring has just started to fade, it is probably because of UV exposure. Investing in refinishing will restore the “new” look to your flooring. Also, refinishing means that the chemical resists UV exposure so that fading won’t happen again. 

Worn Spots 

It isn’t uncommon to see areas on your floor starting to wear out. This is especially true for higher traffic areas. Some of the areas that are prone to this type of wear include:

  • Near the kitchen sink
  • Sitting areas
  • Hallways

Wear includes any areas where you can see the wood grain, rough patches, or splintering wood. All these things can make walking on your floor uncomfortable. Refinishing your flooring means that all these problem areas are sanded down, which reveals a new, problem-free surface. 

Why Call the Professionals for Hardwood Refinishing?

Some homeowners are tempted to handle the refinishing of their hardwood flooring on their own. Unfortunately, this is not a smart move. If you don’t hire professionals for help with this, you may make mistakes that will cost you down the road. With professional service, you can feel confident that the refinishing will be handled properly and that your floors will look new once again. The investment you make in this service will be more than worth it in the long run.