Area Rug Cleaning

We pride ourselves on delivering top-tier services that bring out the true beauty of your cherished area rugs.

On-Site Area Rug Cleaning

On-site area rug cleaning is very effective for any kind of synthetic or blended area rug. We can clean the rugs right on-site wherever they are lying in your home. We can even clean them when they are lying on top of wood floors because our process does not saturate them to the point where water will get through the backing of the rug.

Our on-site cleaning consists of first applying a powerful pre-treatment in the rugs to loosen up soil and stains. We then go over the rugs with our hot water extractors, heating the water to over 200 degrees while strong vacuum systems lift the water and lock in stains. If any stubborn stains still exist after this process, we spot-treat the rug with whatever it takes to ensure we are getting the best possible result. This whole process is included in our standard price! For natural fiber rugs like wool and silk, we highly recommend off-site cleaning.

Off-Site Area Rug Cleaning

We highly recommend that our customers have their 100% natural fiber wool and silk rugs cleaned off-site every 1-3 years. This is because natural fiber rugs hold much more dirt and debris. The good news is, if you have these rugs cleaned regularly and properly maintain them, they can last for generations!

Our process begins with us coming to your home to roll up the rug and bring it to our temperature-controlled warehouse. We first fully dust the rug by laying it on a grid pattern floor and pushing high-pressure forced air through the rug, gently removing all loose dirt and debris. Next, we lay the rug in our wash bin where we allow a special natural fiber rug shampoo to soak into the rug. We then agitate the shampoo into the rug with an orbital machine and a gentle brush. After that, we flush the rug with a high volume of water until all the contaminants are out of the rug and the water is coming out crystal clear. This process sometimes gets repeated over and over again, especially for rugs holding in extra soil.

Finally, we hang the rugs to dry in our temperature-controlled facility with dehumidifiers and drying fans. When the rug is completely dry, we roll it back up, wrap it in plastic, and deliver the rug back like new!

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