At Jersey Shore Carpet Cleaning Etc., one of the things that we’re most famous for is our approach to hardwood floors.

Now, first and foremost, hardwood floors are still popular despite the widespread emergence of laminate products and synthetic solutions, not to mention other flooring options that are getting more common in American homes and businesses. 

But whether you have actual hardwood or some types of wood or bamboo laminates, you can look at resurfacing in several different ways. Let’s talk about some of the components of the service and how it works.

Traditional Floor Restoration

In the old days, restoring hardwood floors almost always meant heavy sanding with powered sanding machines. One of the problems with that is that it requires people to move out of the space so that they’re not breathing the sand dust. Another way to explain this is that sanding is inherently messy and that’s the trade-off that people put up with to get new-looking floors.

With some modern techniques, though, you can get by without sanding, with a no-sand approach that we’ll talk about a bit more.

Chemical Equations

The no-sanding approach basically has to do with applying the right chemicals in the right ways.

For instance, take a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. Did you know that this can help to remove some surface elements of hardwood flooring? It can do a lot of other things, too. This is one of those basic cleaner combos that is a multitasker in the home. It also illustrates how to bring chemical reactions to home improvement. 

By utilizing the right chemical approach, our technicians can effectively restore your floors without intrusive sanding processes. If you’re interested in this, talk to us! We’ll give you more details about the best ways to work with your interior spaces, for a real makeover that you will love. 

Non-toxic materials

Because it’s a sandless process, you don’t have to leave the house. You know that you’re not generating toxic contaminants that affect your indoor air quality!

That part of what’s making this service popular these days. We have had a good reaction from our client community over the past year, and during the New Year’s celebration, we are confident about prospects for 2023

Technical Flooring Work

In addition to helping with hardwood flooring and laminates, we also handle carpet cleaning and grout work.

But both of these have their own technical approaches as well – just look at some of the past blog posts where we’ve outlined these types of service

Let Jersey Shore Carpet Cleaning help you with whatever you need in your home. It’s a new year and time to get serious about having cleaner, neater, more modern and more liveable spaces! And we’ll do it with the attention to detail you’d expect from a top-tier company.