You might have the brightest, shiniest floor, made of the hardest, most precious wood, but over time, that flooring can get really defaced and destroyed just by normal living.

Here are some of the challenges people have and maintain their hardwood floors. Jersey Shore Carpet Cleaning can help with professional restoration of these substantial property assets, and help enhance the curb appeal of a property for staging or anything else.


Fido and Fluffy can do a number on your hardwood floors, mainly with their claws. In some cases, you have other kinds of pet damage, too, but the marks caused by untrimmed nails are among the usual suspects when people look at how their hardwood floors have been destroyed.


Kids are great, aren’t they? They’re always doing something – whether it’s creating a science fair project or chasing each other around the table, or making themselves a bowl of food, or dropping heavy objects just to see if they bounce…

By nature curious and inquisitive, children can put quite a bit of wear on hardwood floors over the years. Some of our clients have seen this kind of damage and want to restore floors to their traditional brilliance!

Heavy Furniture

That armoire or cabinet might look nice in the corner, but some time you might want to move it to another corner. You may not have furniture pads available. It saves time to just drag things from one place to another, but even if you don’t see the physical evidence until later, your hardwood floors can suffer quite a bit.

General High Traffic

Are you having parties in your home? You can see certain kinds of damage left behind on hardwood floors, for example, from high heels or fancy boots with metal edging. It only takes a few scuffs to start to mar the grandeur of your hardwood flooring, and that’s where we come in.

Jersey Shore Carpet Cleaning is able to rework hardwood floors and recondition them to a better state and condition for enhancing property value and really providing excellence for clients. Among all of the other services that we offer – cleaning grout and tile for instance – we’re really proud of our ability to work on hardwood floors and bring the level of detail that you need to get a great result.

Take a look at Jersey Shore Carpet Cleaning in the Jersey shore area and ask us about special offers, how our teams work, and what we can do for you!

We also help with all of the small stuff – for instance, how to work around baseboards and new painting jobs, and whether it’s necessary to replace parts of a hardwood floor or rework material for the right aesthetic result. This type of consulting is extremely useful to our customers who need everything done right for a great, cohesive finished look.

Let us help you to make your property all you dream of and get you the excellence that you need from the job that you pay for!