One of our most popular services is our upholstery cleaning.

The upholstery in your property gets dirty and grimy over time. That’s just a reality, unless you live in a bubble, or keep everything covered at all times, like those old parlors covered in plastic where no one could sit. That’s not really where people are at today!

If you’re not about that kind of strictness, but want things to be clean, you can rely on Jersey Shore Carpet Cleaning to come and restore your furniture to a comfortable and sanitary condition.

Sofas and Loveseats

When our crews come in to clean the upholstery on sofas and loveseats, they’re looking at certain kinds of popular seating that get a lot of use. People and pets may spend many hours reclining or otherwise using sofas and loveseats in the front room or elsewhere in the building.

By using appropriate deep cleaning methods, we get these parts of your furniture looking nice and new again.


We know there are some additional challenges with sectionals. Some of the cornering and features of sectional furniture introduce some folds that make it more difficult to clean.

It’s also different based on whether you’re dealing with leather, synthetic or plush upholstery. There are different ways to clean specialty materials that really aren’t optional, that is, if you want to keep them in good condition. 

Either way, we’re down for the challenge. Having a knowledgeable shop working on your upholstery pays dividends over time. 

Kitchen Chairs

Deo your kitchen chairs have some padding?

Once again, they probably do, unless you’re a fan of the Puritan type of furniture that is a bare wooden seat, or a caned seat (you really don’t see this a whole lot any more.)

Ergonomically speaking, this isn’t the ideal.

So if you have dining furniture with any kind of upholstery, we will address that as part of your property plan.


You might not use these pieces of seating as much, but if they have padding, there is the opportunity for them to get more gross over time.

In some cases, mischievous children will take items and put them inside of the upholstery to rot.

We’re hoping this didn’t happen at your property, but in any case, we’ll come and make an assessment and give you an affordable way to clean your home. Take a look at all of the professional services that we provide for all sorts of homeowners in the Jersey shore area.