Imagine you just got back from the beach.

In fact, imagine that you’ve spent all week at the beach, and now it’s time to leave.

Simply put, you have to get all of your things, and get the heck out of the rented beach house or timeshare condo that you’ve been living in. 

There’s only one thing you’re leaving behind – actually, make that two things. Sand, and dirt. You’re not going to miss either of them, but the next people probably won’t want them in the house. 

A lot of vacation house owners will ask renters to run a vacuum over the carpet, which does about as much cleaning as a good rain does on a roadway surface.

In other words, it might get a bit of the surface stuff, but it doesn’t really get into the deep cleaning that’s needed on a regular basis.

Let’s be honest – no matter how clean people are, a lot of sand is getting tracked into these properties when people go to the beach and consistently come back inside.

Getting a Deep Clean

At Jersey Shore Carpet Cleaning, we come in and use professional grade equipment to get your Jersey shore property looking great again and just as importantly, to make it a sanitary place.

You have the dirt and sand you can see, and microbes that you can’t. You have the crunchy stuff that’s in your carpet that you can feel, and then you have smaller items like germs and microbes that contaminate in a microscopic way.

By doing the right kinds of deep cleaning, we get all of this nasty stuff out of the carpet, allowing you to get more out of your property on a weekly, monthly and annual basis.

Living Inland on the Jersey Shore

Even if you don’t live at the beach, that doesn’t mean your carpet couldn’t use a good cleaning!

You might not have a lot of the sand that you can feel, but you’ll still have a lot of those smaller particles that you can’t.

So your property still benefits from this type of professional clean.

All over the Jersey shore area, we are active in remediating dirt and contaminants in different types of flooring:

We clean carpet, tile and other kinds of flooring, to a professional and consistent result. 

Get help from a company that values customer service and values your customer account!

Be confident about who’s coming to your home to clean. Call Jersey Shore cleaning for your residence or vacation home.